Sunday, April 11, 2010

Info about Sydney

hello people back home, i miss you! (whoever you are, i don't care)

a brief info about Sydney

1 - It is GMT +10 which makes here 2 hours earlier than my homeland.
few days after arrival, i experienced sleeping disorder. i tend to sleep late, and woke up late (my body still followed Malaysia's time). and maybe I was jetlagged too.

2- The weather really IS unpredictable.
before our arrival here, Dr Pamela (our coordinator from Macquarie Uni) told us few times that the weather here is unpredictable.
it can be hot at times and cold at the other.
-yelah, kalau kat Malaysia, kalau panas, memang seharian panas, bila mendung, confirm hujan kan -
tapi it's a whole different thing in Sydney. siang leh jadi sangat terik 30deg, tapi malam leh jadi sangat sejuk. around 20deg.
mula-mula kena adapt lah jugak weather macam ni, even few of my friends fall sick.
alhamdulillah, I'm doing good until now.

3- For those who don't know, the currency exchange rate is 1AUdollar - RM3.09 (latest, 2nd March).
however, if you have some Ringgit notes and want to buy Aussie Dollar here, it is wayyyyy more expensive than Malaysia's rate.
kalau bank kat sini 1AUD - RM3.4*. mahal betul.
I actually have another 100 MYR notes, tapi kalau tuka macam dapat sikit sangat je, so I decided to keep it.
(boleh la buat tambang teksi kot2 nak surprise balik Malaysia nanti haha)

4- It is very green here!
Dorang memang encourage us to sit and lie on the grass, have picnic and even hug the trees.
and the grasses here, sangat bersih!
If you know me well, I'm so phobia with bugs or any kinds of animals.
but here, they are hardly to be seen.
I mean, yeah i lied down on the grass few times already without feeling scared of bugs.
How cool is that? :D

I think that's all for now. It is so hard to wake up early here. Cause it's usually cold in the morning. will talk more about Sydney and uni's life later, cheers, mate!

1st pic: Me in front of Sydney Opera House

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